Winning You Over: A Brother’s Best Friend Romance

by Vesper Young

My brother’s best friend is off-limits. Unfortunately, I’m not sure he agrees. Which is a good thing, because I’m not looking for love. I’ve got enough problems to deal with between a nasty boss, a pile of debt, and an unending series of disasters. The problem? Noah Kent thinks he can just swoop in and make everything better. Because to him, I’m still that little kid he used to tease. He doesn’t understand that I can handle myself. I’m all grown up, and I don’t need any help. Even if that “help” is six-two, with ocean-blue eyes that make me want to dream and full lips I want to taste. Nope. Not happening. Noah Kent is 100% off the table, no matter what he tries to tell me. My heart is locked up, and I’m not sure there was a key to begin with. Nothing he does is going to change my mind. But Noah? He disagrees.

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Category: Contemporary Romance