Wings of Stone

by J.D. Monroe

Scarred by past battles, dragon shifter Tarek Windstriker has consigned himself to a quiet life protecting the portal between the human world and his home. But when the princess of his clan is brutally attacked on a visit to the human world, he must intervene. He just wasn’t prepared for a gorgeous human woman to stand in his way.

Doctor Gabrielle Rojas is a practical woman, so the last thing she expects on a busy shift is to watch a sexy stranger turn into a dragon and fly away with her patient. And when he calls her to ask for help, she can’t say no. But meddling in the affairs of dragons plunges Gabrielle into a dangerous world of magic and dragons.

Desperate to outrun a mysterious enemy and return the princess to her homeland, Tarek and Gabrielle soon find their fates entwined. But even as the sparks fly between this unlikely pair, war is on the horizon in Ascavar. Will their love have a chance to ignite, or will they be torn apart?

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Category: Fantasy Romance