Wild Nights

by Dantessa Stone

I’m a cocky, rich hockey player with more pucks than sense. A Game-player, a heart-breaker. I take what I want and never look back.
I hadn’t expected in a million years to be back in this town. But shit happens, especially with a temper like mine. My plan was to spend a season padding my stats and breaking in my mattress. I’d be out of here in a heartbeat.
Then Sasha fell into my arms. She’s been running through my mind ever since.

After losing my husband to the war I thought I’d never love again. But life has a way of throwing curves balls when you least expect it.
Bumping into Troy was a chance encounter, two strangers passing in the night. A warm body to stave off the loneliness. I should have left it at that.
But a one night stand turned into a string of secret, steamy rendezvous and I found my world spinning upside down.
I want to believe he’s the one. Am I making a big mistake?

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Category: Sports Romance