Wickford Hollow Duet

by M Violet

They call me their little fox…

They threaten to do things to me that I’m afraid to say out loud.

Poe, Grim, and Saint.

I belong to them now… and there is no escape.

Bailey Bishop doesn’t believe in ghosts or superstitions. So when her best friend dares her to break into an old, abandoned house the night before Halloween, she doesn’t hesitate. Even if the rush of adrenaline is just a temporary fix to quiet her carnal cravings.

But Bailey may be getting in over her head.

Be careful what you wish for.

When three wicked spirits follow her home, they refuse to leave until she gives them what they want… Every vile piece of her.
Welcome to Wickford Hollow, where on Halloween Eve the ghosts come out to play. Be a good girl and say yes.

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Category: Gothic Romance