Wicked Truths

by Lila Sharp

Making a deal with the brutal leader of a rival mafia group was the last thing I wanted. But being forced to live with him? That’s even worse…

Sebastian Amato is everything I’ve been taught to hate. As the daughter of an Irish mobster, I know better than to trust an Italian mafioso. And when he offers me blood money to betray my family? I slam the door in his face.

But Sebastian isn’t the kind of man to accept defeat. I’m forced to make a deal with the tall, powerful leader of the Amato family, and it leaves me living in his penthouse. With him.

It’s too close for comfort. I hate him, and I make sure he knows it. Only then, he discovers the bruises on my back… and it turns out what he hates is the idea of someone hurting me. “Touch her, and you die.”

He’s complicated, he’s handsome, and he has a wicked way with ropes and chains. Being trapped in his penthouse soon stops feeling like a prison… and he’s definitely more than my jailor.

But I won’t forget that his family ruined my life.

He might be the man I crave, but I won’t submit.

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Category: Contemporary Romance