Wicked Addiction

by Barbara Nolan

Samson hasn’t had many breaks in his young life until local mob boss, Frank Barnett puts him in charge of the Oasis, a Brooklyn strip club used to wash the mobster’s dirty money.

When Lisbeth walks into the Oasis desperate for a job Samson hires the leggy beauty, then finds himself helplessly drawn to her startling blue eyes and sweet smile. Their connection is electric—something Samson never experienced with a woman.

Lisbeth never dreamed of falling for the rough, brutal, drop-dead gorgeous, Samson, but she can’t deny the attraction simmering between them. She’s a hit at the club and the cash rolls in fast. Everyone’s happy except Yvette, Samson’s wildly jealous coke-addict girlfriend.

Samson and Lisbeth’s steamy, dangerous obsession grows until—
A vengeful Yvette and a rival Russian mobster threaten to wreck Samson’s world forcing him to decide between Yvette, the woman he wants to save, and Lisbeth, the woman he wants to love.

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Category: Erotic Romance

Wicked Temptation

by Barbara Nolan

When Samson opens Club Wicked in Vegas, he leaves behind his New York mob ties but he never expects to see his past love celebrating her bachelorette.

An old flame is rekindled, and all their steamy passion comes flooding back, making their attraction undeniable.

When Lisbeth breaks off the engagement her financially powerful and vindictive fiancé terrorizes Lisbeth then threatens to close down Club Wicked.

Lisbeth is everything Samson wants and needs and he refuses to lose her again. He vows to protect her, but if his destructive secrets are revealed, they can undermine their lives with deadly results.

Despite Samson’s dangerous past, she can’t resist falling back into bed with the sexy bad boy, or the addictive pull of their love.

Will Samson deny his love to keep Lisbeth safe or will he be forced to seek the mob’s help—the very people he longed to escape?

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