by Gifford MacShane

Shunned by the village for her outlaw brother’s deeds, Jesse is not sorry to hear he’s been killed. It’s Adam Donovan, the man who shot him, who brings her the news.

Then Adam offers to help save her bankrupt ranch. Haunted by years of abuse, Jesse doubts she can trust any man—especially this Irish immigrant with his volatile temper and gunfighter reputation. But her love for her canyon home is profound, so she accepts his help.

As they work together, Jesse feels the first stirrings of love―an emotion she’s never known before. But her quest for happiness may be short-lived when she discovers her brother’s treachery reaches beyond the grave & could rip the new life she’s building to shreds.

Deceptively simple and poetic, this heartfelt historical romance will tug at your emotions, make you laugh, cry, and even get a little angry, as it handles difficult topics with a sensitive touch.

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Category: Historical Romance