Where the Bonfires Burn: Book One to Book Ten (The Complete Series): An 18th Century Romance Serial

by Catherine Hudson

Forced into marriage, Henrietta Atwood believes her life is over. Married to Jonathan Atwood, a man she detests, Henrietta assumes life is cruel, but three months into their marriage he dies. Bequeathing his estate to his adult son, but too, Jonathan Atwood bequeathed a fine house in the spa city of Bath to his second wife. This is a welcomed opportunity, and one Henrietta embraces with passion.

The year is 1785, and Bath buzzes with fun. Fun, and much more. Arriving at the city, Henrietta throws caution to the wind and begins her life in Bath. Newly widowed, it is expected she will conform to how a widow should behave. That is to say, behave how polite society deems she should, but Henrietta doesn’t. Attending a dance ball alone at the Upper Assembly Rooms, Henrietta causes shock, with many surprised by her bold entrance into society. This, though, is only the beginning.

Catching the eye of many, several people want to get to know the daring, unconventional Henrietta Atwood. She wanted to impress, and boy did she. First, Henrietta comes to the attention of Sir Terrance Whitely, the godson of Henrietta’s deceased husband. Angered by her disrespect towards a man he considered an uncle, Sir Terrance makes sure Henrietta’s new life doesn’t go to plan. Annoyance is felt by him but there is something about her that maddeningly intrigues him. Next, Andrew Durham, a charmer, a man who adores women, and on observing Henrietta’s confident entrance into society, he knows he must have her in his life.

Two men, whose lives change on meeting Henrietta, but then there is the mysterious, handsome stranger who bewitches Henrietta the second she sets eyes on him. Who is he and is his fate tied with Henrietta?

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Category: Historical Romance