When You Were Mine

by Ida Brady

A steamy second chance romance…

Hollywood hunk, Jack Davies is back in his hometown, desperate to escape the clutches of fame and fortune. Not even his brother’s upcoming wedding can distract him from the mess he left behind, or his inner demons. But a chance encounter with his first love, Seraphina De Lotto, changes everything. Jack can’t think of a sexier diversion. In fact, he can’t think at all.

But the sultry Sports teacher isn’t a wide-eyed teenage girl anymore. Sera’s tormented by her own guilt, and the memories of an innocent life she couldn’t save. Committed to helping the disadvantaged youth in one of the poorest suburbs of Melbourne, she has no time for the smooth-talking star and his tantalizing kisses.

With his agent demanding answers, Jack must face hard truths about his career and mental health before time runs out. If he wants Sera in his life, he must prove that there’s more beneath the surface than his killer body and a penchant for playing it cool.

But Sera’s not certain she can trust him to stick around this time. She’s convinced it’s far better to protect her heart, than listen to it. Little does she know, Jack has major plans…

The million-dollar question is, will she accept?

$0.99 Previously $5.99

Category: Contemporary Romance