When We Were Kings

by Auryn Hadley

One day she was a princess, the next a gladiator, a job, needless to say, a pampered princess was in no way prepared for. But Leyli was nothing if not resourceful—on the first day she killed 16 men and lived to fight again. And in the process, she acquired an admirer—the famous gladiator called the Lion of Lenlochlien. He liked her style so much he started giving her tips. You’d almost think he was trying to keep her alive. And in turn, Leyli was getting more and more interested in living for the Lion.

Soon she was famous herself—as the Wolf of Oberhame. Together these two set out to conquer the arena—little did the Lion know how much more there was to conquer. Leyli did—and she vowed to do it with him by her side.

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Category: Historical Romance