When My Ship Comes In

by Annie Charme

I have my life mapped out. It’s nothing fancy, but working on a cruise ship suits me just fine, for now. I get to visit exotic locations, save money, and spend my days around women in bikinis. What’s not to love?
Flirting with the ladies keeps me entertained and my pockets full, but it never goes beyond an innocent conversation.
Until her.
Guests are off limits. Forbidden. But there’s something about Lizzie that has me hook, line, and sinker.
Am I willing to throw everything overboard for a sweet temptation?

I’m a big girl with a big heart, escaping my miserable life for a trip around the Hawaiian islands.
Is there anything better than sun, sea, and sand? Well, except for the one thing I’m not getting, but since my recent heartache, I’ve given up on men.
Or I thought I had until this hot waiter flirts with me. Will he still be interested when he knows the real me, or will he drop me like an anchor?
I need to resist his charms before he sails away with my heart.

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Category: Contemporary Romance