What’s in a Name?

by Angela Breen

Caught between a sexy FBI agent and a sadistic serial killer, will single mom Rachel Montogmery make it out alive?

After divorcing her abusive husband, Rachel Montgomery’s life is finally coming together. Unfortunately, the sudden promotion comes with a catch: someone is using her beeper to send her sick messages. Rachel suffers in silence. She could lose her job and who would believe her anyway?

FBI Agent Frank Tench, arrives in town as Rachel’s life explodes. He’s teaching the local cops about FBI methodology. When Frank is asked to investigate her best friend’s disappearance, he has to choose between his career and Rachel’s safety.

The moment Frank and Rachel get intimate, however, is a rude awakening. Not only is she the killer’s next target, but he knows everything about her. Including where she lives, works, where her children play. And now he’s pissed.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance