by Aria Ford

I know I can’t have Lindsay.
She’s practically family.
She’s also a client.
I’m training her for the Olympics, not for my bed.

They say I’m the toughest swimming trainer out there. I’m not afraid to push hard—that’s why my clients win. When Lindsay’s trainer moves away, I couldn’t let her down. I stepped in and took over. I never stopped to think what a bad idea that was.

Because now I’ve seen her slick and wet, panting for breath.
All alone with me in the pool.
Wanting me just as bad as I want her.
We shouldn’t cross that line. Even though I want her more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life. Her brother is the best friend I ever had and he’d never forgive me.
Now I can’t stop thinking about her. I want her all the time. Once I’ve had her, I can’t get enough. We’ll have to keep this our dirty little secret.

She was the best, worst thing I’ve ever done, so how can I stop? I know we can’t keep the secret forever, but will I lose her when the truth comes out? What if it’s more than just lust—what if she’s the one?

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Category: Contemporary Romance