Werewolf Castaway Episode 1

by Mika Noe

She saved him from their plane crash, but can she survive the full moon trapped with his beast?

Infamous daughter of a Hollywood megastar, Esli Velazquez winds up in trouble anytime she leaves the anonymous safety of her forested research station.

That’s where she stays until the trip her absent mother begged her to take lands her in the middle of the Pacific with a man who’s as dangerous to her heart as he is her life.

Drake is a werewolf, a monster that shouldn’t exist. A monster he can’t control.

And with the full moon coming in mere days, he knows if his Beast finds his sassy savior, she’s dead.

He’ll hunt her. He’ll kill her. He’ll wake with blood on his hands. Just like last time.

And with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide on the small tropical island, neither of them can escape the full moon…

…or the deadly beast he’ll become.

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Category: Paranormal Romance