Wedding Belle Blues

by Mia Epsilon

I’m in love with my best friend. Perfect right? A couple should be best friends, right? So how can this whole situation be so wrong? A dufus named Doug, that’s how. He just shows up and swoops in on *my* best friend like some doctor-to-be hero. Worse, he freaking proposed to my Anna! And she said yes!

But that’s okay. No worries. I’ve got this. All I need to do is show Anna how utterly wrong for her this so-called perfect guy is. His mom alone is something from a horror movie. All ‘but our tradition decrees it’s done this way’ and ‘my dear, if only you were better raised you’d understand we have an image to uphold…’ wedding planning crap. Mom-in-law-zilla to the extreme who made my Anna cry! This frigid social climber is going down, one way or the other.

Then there’s my Anna’s friend who supposedly wants nothing to do with Doug, but sure is spending a lot of time with him behind my Anna’s back. And even my Anna is…weird. She’s looking at me all… weird. As if she’s never seen me before. Can she tell I’m in love with her? Just waiting for her to be in love with me?

Is it time to stop singing the blues and finally make a move?

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Category: Contemporary Romance