Wed To The Alien Warlord

by January Bell

The alien who hand-picked me to wed and bed is the most domineering warlord of the bunch. Lucky me.

As the first humans allowed in Suevan space, there’s a lot riding on my all-woman team. Earth desperately needs their tech, and I’m determined to prove we can negotiate the price. Without their planetary defense systems, Earth is a sitting duck, ripe for invasion.

Except the Suevan culture is nothing like ours.

When I take part in what I think is a welcoming ceremony, I leave with more than I bargained for: a husband. A mate. Apparently, we’re there to marry them as payment—something the top brass on Earth doesn’t bother denying. Fantastic.

And the Suevan who hand-picked me to wed and bed? He’s the most domineering warlord of the bunch. Lucky me. I’ll get the Suevan tech we need, but there’s no way I’m giving in to his demands… no matter how, ahem, persuasive he might be.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Wed To The Alien Prince

by January Bell

The huge alien prince claims I’m his wife—but I’ve never been a good little princess. I’m not about to start now.
Stuck in a hot jungle with an even hotter alien is not how I imagined my diplomatic mission going. To make things worse, every conversation is an exercise in survivor charades. I’ve always prided myself on never needing a man, but this planet seems determined to prove I can’t live without the massive alien stuck to my side.

When we’re chased into a crumbling ruin, I think things are finally looking up. We’re out of the rain, at the very least. There are strange images all over the temple walls, showing riches beyond belief. And my alien? He’s suddenly obsessed with finding it… and with me.

By the time my translator starts working, I’ve figured out several things. One, other aliens are hunting us. Two, my alien seems to think the mysterious treasure will solve all our proble

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