Watching You

by Erica Marselas

Kyle Parker’s involvement with women is limited to observing their every movement. He spent his life blending into his surroundings, being invisible, to avoid rejection and pain.
He could never be more than a watcher – or so he thought.

Many women have been the target of his obsession, but that all changes the day he bumps into Jess Hart, a beautiful brunette with emerald eyes and a kind smile. She changes his course on life and shows him the love he’s been missing. However, his compulsion to follow and watch still overcomes him, and he just might end up driving the girl he loves over the edge.

This is a love story, but with thrill, excitement, self-discovery, passion, and hurt all rolled into one.

***Kyle does not cause any sort of physical harm and/or touch the women he watched. He really is just a watcher***

$1.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Contemporary Romance