WARLOCK: His Coven. His Magick. His Soulmate.

by Maggie Carpenter

For a warlock living in the world as a human things can get complicated. Especially when it comes to love.

Laszio Grigore, a warlock leader, is deeply drawn to a spunky young woman with auburn hair and violet-blue eyes. He aches to be with her, but an ancient pact forbids him from sharing his bed with humans.

Vanya Delany is an independent and self-assured young woman, but as she sits at the bar of an Italian eatery, she finds herself melting under the gaze of the owner, a gorgeous man named Laszio. With long shimmering hair and mesmerizing dark eyes, he’s unlike any man she’s ever met.

When Kalick, a demonic warlock, breaks the eons-old treaty and attempts to kidnap her, surprise magic from an unexpected source saves her life. Laszio sweeps in to protect her from further harm and their passion ignites, but even as Vanya surrenders to his mystical love, danger lurks.

Kalick continues to weave his wicked spells. He is determined to abduct Vanya and kill Laszio.

This paranormal love story will take your breath away. Lose yourself in a world of witches and warlocks, demons and angels, and a riveting romance that has endured through time. Click the link and pick up this spellbinding page-turner today.

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Category: Paranormal Romance