Waking the Dragon Prince

by Rinelle Grey

An archaeologist who’s just made the find of a lifetime, a dragon prince who’s been asleep for 300 years, bound together by a magic only one thing can break

Jaded archaeologist, Karla, finds more than artifacts when she explores a cavern hidden in the middle of the Australian outback. The half naked man sleeping inside is about to change everything she ever thought she knew. Her touch does more than awaken him from his slumber. It rouses an instant attraction that’s stronger than anything she’s ever felt before.

Dragon Prince Taurian’s whole world is turned upside down when he’s woken by a human woman. He’s overslept by three hundred years and the world as he knew it no longer exists. Everything has changed and everyone he’s ever known is gone.

Except his ancient enemy, who has somehow managed to survive all these years. He’s determined to hunt down Taurian and the only person he can rely on is Karla. Can he convince her to help him complete the magical ritual that will restore him to full power?

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Category: Paranormal Romance