Violent Life

by Nola Marie

From International Bestselling author Nola Marie comes a story of childhood love, loss, heartbreak, and the fight to save it all.

Previously released as Fighting for His Life

I live for her. Will die for her and kill for her. What I can’t do is live without her.

Zoey is the love of my life. Has been since she was eight years old. She is the air I breathe and everything I worship. Everyone knows we belong together. But one devastating attack steals everything from me.

I exist in darkness without her, my body going through the motions while the rest of me, mine, heart, and soul, are lost in Hell. Because I know that my pain is nothing compared to hers.

I have a chance. One chance to save her. To bring her back and coax her out of the darkness. And I will fight with everything in me to save my Zoey. My life.

This is book one of The River City series. It is stand-alone and ends with an HEA.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Action & Adventure Romance