Vestige: Fallen Angels Book 1

by Zara Dusk

I’m heat resistant. If anybody else sets foot outside in the midday sun, their eyeballs blister. Not me. As long as I can flirt my way past the guards of our city-under-the-mountain, I’m free.
Of course, life isn’t all sunny strolls and honeyed wine. The Undercity is a warren of twisting tunnels with violent turf wars… and don’t even get me started on the pleasure hubs. The things they can do with an angel feather…
Which brings me to those irritating celestials. When an angel dies, his essence passes into the nearest human. Those divine dudes aren’t as immortal as they’d like us to think. Good news for me because the local angel is on my shit list. I believe he killed my sister—I just have to prove it.
Then I’ll smoke his ass.
My biggest problem is that the sinfully sexy angel wants to keep me submissive, and his chosen tool is seduction.
I just need to manifest some resistance to that.

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Category: Fantasy Romance