Venus, Burning

by H. Jewel Lohr

For recently engaged Ava Blackwood, life is going according to plan. That is, until she runs into an old flame. One that was never extinguished. William Debroux has always understood Ava in a way no one else has, and is one of the only people that know about her traumatic childhood. Despite the six years that have passed without seeing one another, her heart soars when she lays eyes on him again. She suddenly finds herself longing for the blossoming romance they shared when she was just a silly college girl at NYU, her mind rushing with memories of when she first wandered into his office as a patient.

Now unexpectedly back in her life and strangely acquainted with her fianc√©, she begins to asks herself…Is my heart behind this upcoming marriage? Or was it already stolen in New York all those years ago?

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Category: Contemporary Romance