Vengeance Born

by L. C. Son

Two Dark Tales. One deliciously haunting book.

Enter the Netherworld and dive into the dark with Grim and Reaper. The resident lords of Purgia may govern the deathly dealings of the day, but faced with the matters of their heart, their worlds get turned upside down.

When an enigmatic woman begs Thelios Mirth to save she and her sister from the clutches of Hades, the Grim Lord finds himself gambling with the unexpected. His heart.

Lord Roark wants for nothing but to reap the strays and vagabonds roaming the city of Purgia, but when a ward of the High Prince seeks his help against rebel forces, he forsakes his better judgment with hopes to reap something forbidden. Love.

Vengeance Born: A Grim & Reaper Netherworld Tale is a two-act novel filled with dark fantasy, broody, ruggedly handsome mythical men, strong love interests. Both tales are steamy, dark, no cheating, with touches of mafia and barbarian-ish charm.

Author Note: Mature content. Suitable for ages 18+. Contains sexual situations, pillow talk, violence among supernatural creatures, discussions of death and morbidity and some gore.

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Category: Paranormal Romance