Veiled Mirror

by Frankie Robertson

Raised by a father who never recovered from his wife’s death, Beth and Ellie have always been close. So when Ellie’s husband, Chris, dies unexpectedly, Beth flies to her twin’s side to support her through her grief. But Ellie doesn’t accept the sheriff’s finding that her husband’s death was an accident. She believes he was murdered and she wants Beth to help her prove it. Beth is doubtful. Grief drove their father off the deep end, and she fears Ellie may be following in his footsteps.

FBI fraud investigator Jason Blackforth fell hard for Beth at Chris’ and Ellie’s wedding, but he left her as quickly as he found her―undercover work and relationships don’t mix, and he has the bullet wounds to prove it. Still recovering, he travels to their southern Arizona ranch to help Ellie. But what he finds there is more disturbing than just seeing Beth again.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance