Veiled Destiny

by Gia Cobie

Five years ago, Ivy was abducted and changed into a vampire. In the years since, she has isolated herself, fearing she’s a danger to others.

One night, she finds herself in danger and is rescued by an unlikely savior.

After their unexpected encounter, Ethan is instantly drawn to Ivy, but it’s clear she’s haunted by secrets. He’s determined to convince her to give him a chance, to prove he can be trusted.

As their connection grows deeper, outside forces conspire to pull them apart. Faced with an unavoidable truth, Ethan and Ivy will have to fight even harder to stay together.

Just as a happy ending is in sight, a sinister conspiracy threatens to tear them apart forever.

Can Ethan and Ivy withstand the forces working against them and find a destiny together?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Veiled Devotion

by Gia Cobie

Roman is a vampire who can sense others’ emotions. It’s an ability that has been like a curse, as he’s forced to experience the suffering of strangers. But when he sees a woman in danger, senses her terror, he knows he has to help her.

Grace has been living in fear for the last six months. Held hostage by a vampire, she’s almost given up hope by the time Roman spots her. In a rapid change of events, she’s rescued by a hero determined to save her.

Grace is terrified of vampires after her horrific experience. But after she and Roman experience a connection neither has felt before, everything changes. Instead of seeing all vampires as a threat, Grace sees one as her savior.

Roman will do anything to keep Grace safe. But a vengeful vampire isn’t giving up his pursuit of her. How far will Roman go to save the woman who has become his every desire?

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