by Maggie Carpenter

She’s a fiery young woman with a sexy imagination.
But could the amorous alien in her dreams be real?

Ellie adores her imaginary lover. He doesn’t just make her skin tingle with a mere touch, he punishes and pleasures her as he sees fit. Though he exists only while she sleeps, she thinks about him all the time. He’s strong and strict, yet so seductive, and the wicked things he does to her…!

Valodar has been seeking a mate. Now he’s found her. For months he has teased and tantalized her, and made her subject to his firm discipline. Now the time has come to truly make her his…!

But even as he sets his plans into motion a dark threat from another world looms.

Will he be able to keep the defiant young woman in check while fighting back the nefarious forces about to descend upon Earth?

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Category: Science Fiction Romance