Urban Marriage 18: Atlanta Girl’s Novel About Dad’s Affair

by Tulipe Pascere

SERIES Book 18: single Black Christian woman drafts a novel about her dad’s affair in her journey to forgiveness / 159 pp
KINDLE FICTION: Contemporary Christian Women
> Growing up in Memphis, Charlee was proud of her Black heritage, more so what she learned from her church-going parents. Mom kept the books for the family car wash business. Dad, a church deacon, had all the connections.
But while attending college in Atlanta, Charlee discovered her dad was having an affair with the bookkeeper. The security system recorded every minute of it which Charlee remotely observed from her Atlanta college campus.
Graduation landed Charlee a great job at an Atlanta bank, but Charlee had to write what was in her heart. Mom divorced and moved on; why couldn’t she forgive her dad?
Will writing a novel about Dad’s affair help Charlee make that journey to forgiveness?

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Category: Urban Romance