Under the Cherry Blossoms

by Amali Rose

She doesn’t want a happily ever after. She just wants a happy ending. Cue the online dating app…

It may have begun as a drunken attempt at a virtual booty call, but when Ben Mackinnon sets his sights on the intentionally lovelorn, Skye Emery, he pulls out all the stops in an attempt to convince her that romantic ideals like soulmates and forevers really do exist.

Skye doesn’t want to believe a word. But try as she might, she can’t help but catch feelings for the sexy, reformed ladies-man. It’s his corny sense of humor that does it—along with his self confidence, and of course, his very dirty mouth.

Their relationship blossoms, and just as these two lovebirds start to believe they’ve beaten all the odds, Ben’s unresolved past becomes a barrier that sends him reeling and Skye running for the door.

The aftermath leaves Skye with two—well, three—choices: fight for her happily ever after, accept that her relationship with Ben was just one booty call too many, or eat her weight in ice cream.

While the ice cream option seems enticing, Skye already knows what she needs to do…

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Category: Romantic Comedy