Undead Love

by Lee Sutherland

Undead Love finds itself in the sweet spot where The Walking Dead meets the Romance Genre. Gritty, dark, and sexy, it hits the adrenal gland for all the right reasons!

In their former lives, Rus was a school teacher and Polly was a waitress. In the apocalypse, they are both survivors.

Rus is a rogue with no desire to connect with the outside world. The only company he keeps are the memories of his former life. That is until he meets Polly, the young, fearless wild-card who has joined forces with a family living on a secluded farm.

Polly doesn’t know what to make of this rogue man who has no regards for the rules of her clan. All she knows is that in a world crawling with death, there is something about him that makes her feel alive.

Rus and Polly are caught in a whirlpool of passion and danger as they explore the countryside, searching for supplies. When they find themselves trapped in a cabin, waiting out a violent thunderstorm, the zombies lurking outside aren’t the only thing that threatens to tear them apart.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Paranormal Romance