Unconventional – A Reverse Harem Romance

by Krista Wolf

I never expected to end up in Scotland, renovating a castle of all things! But fate landed me here, just as it brought me two sizzling construction workers and a sexy, tattooed stonemason. Three fellow Americans hellbent on helping me keep the property from going back up for auction.

But something sinister has been showing up at night, out near the woods. And when outside forces start aligning against me, my three sexy saviors propose a very unorthodox, unconventional arrangement… involving the three of them, and me.

First Julian, broad-shouldered and gargantuan, deliciously tattooed and alpha beyond my wildest dreams. Noah, the Brooklyn-raised transplant, shredded and beautiful yet harboring a mysterious past. Finally, Chase – Green-eyed and gorgeous, with the jawline of a Greek god and a smile that would set off an explosion of butterflies in any girl’s stomach.

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Category: Erotic Romance