True Angel

by Jessica Lynch

Avery’s older sister is missing. All she has to go on is a psychic’s warning, a wolf print left in mud, and Heather’s abandoned cell phone. A feral shifter has snatched her sister and she’ll do anything to get her back—even rely on paranormal help.

That’s when she meets Cam, the most dazzling Para male she’d ever seen.

Camiel is an Othersider. Formally known as one of the Fallen, his only goal in his earthbound existence is getting a halo and going up above again, returning to live in the celestial cities. With his cat-shaped auditor at his side, he works to tilt the scales in his favor. It’s all about doing enough good deeds, staying out of trouble, and getting enough points to keep him from eternity in the demon worlds down below

So when the gorgeous mortal approaches him for help in rescuing her sister, he accepts the job, hoping that it’ll be enough to put him over his target. And maybe it would’ve been, if it hadn’t been for the curse…

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Category: Paranormal Romance