Trojan Con

by Amelia Simone

Welcome to the Affinity Guild files – where no case is quite what it seems . . .

In a world built around special talents, where your affinity drives your success, Delia Anvar must conceal her lack or lose everything she’s worked to build. To reveal herself as a fraud would destroy her psychic detective business and risk the only family she has left.

Kam Kenzo has secrets of his own. The Guild scion is powerful, and the tec stolen from his home is an embarrassment he can’t afford. He’s determined to find the thief before his reputation is trashed.

Caught between their passion for each other and their secrets and lies, Kam and Delia try to forge a path through the Guild intrigue and personal struggles to each other.

Can they come clean and forge new alliances, or are they destined to keep playing con games, hiding from the truth and each other . . .

Trojan Con is Book 1 of the Affinity Guild Files series, but can be read as a stand alone sci fi / paranormal romance.

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Category: Paranormal Romance