Triangle of Lust (Books 1-3)

by Bella Beaumont

My name is Cari Morrison. I’m a college student and an insatiable sex fiend. My boyfriend Teddy isn’t fulfilling my needs any longer. In fact, he’s never filled me—not like I need. He’s too tame. I want to be stuffed and manhandled and worn out!

I’m not going to cheat on Teddy, but I need something more—bigger, thicker, juicier, exciting. I have my eyes on my smoldering professor, and there’s this other nerdy classmate of mine who’s kind of cute. I want one of them to dominate me . . . and maybe I can discipline the other.

Either way, I think my time with Teddy is coming to an end, which means I’m ready to get filthy wild . . .

(Contains all three sizzling books in the “Triangle of Lust” trilogy: Triangle of Lust, Giving in to Daddy, and My Kinky Fun Summer. Contains explicit scenes and strong language.)

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Category: Erotica