Training Sasha

by Becca Jameson

His friend’s little sister…

Sasha Easton has had her eye on Lincoln Walsh—the owner of Club Zodiac—for five years. Unfortunately, he does nothing but scowl at her and reject her every shy advance.

She’s not right for him…

Lincoln doesn’t have a choice but to discourage Sasha because the truth is the two of them are not compatible, no matter how much he might want her in his bed.

She’s not as innocent as he thinks…

Determined to get Lincoln to see her as more than his business partner’s little sister, Sasha delivers an ultimatum—let her join Club Zodiac or she’ll find what she’s looking for elsewhere.

Can he help her and let her go?

Watching the only woman he’s ever wanted with another man is more than Lincoln can bear, so he finds himself caving. After all, he’s confident if he pushes her hard enough, he can protect her from his way of life and himself from admitting the truth about his feelings.

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Category: BDSM