Tracked by Trouble

by Calinda B

“Trouble. On my trail. Tracking me like a killer. I’d rather be tracked by love.”
Zed wants to run from his past.
Back in elementary school, with his head in a book or a science project, Zed’s older brother Lawson used to tease him relentlessly. Later, as they grew older, and Zed threw away the glasses and the books, the taunts turned to out and out bullying. And then his brother became a trained sniper for the Marines. A recent encounter with Lawson left Zed scared out of his wits…only thing is, he doesn’t remember why.
Beck wants to hide from her future.
Rebecca “Beck” Tosetti goes through men, mostly athletes, like party snacks. But then she met Zed, training for a triathlon. He’s hot. He’s caring. He’s funny and intelligent. And, he has big holes in his memory that frighten her.
When they meet, sparks fly. And then, a passionate kiss, followed by sweet promises. There’s a secret in the way of their love, held by Zed and his sniper brother, the Marine. Zed can’t remember the secret…but he fears it might mean his death.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance