Toying with Monsters

by DD Miers

What happens when you’re a shifter who can’t shift?

You end up like me: abandoned by my pack, rejected by my mate, and left to die. Except breaking news, I didn’t.

Instead, I used my unique abilities to etch out a place for myself within the supernatural underworld of Baton Rouge. Elena is my name and retrieving is my game. Basically, I’m what boils down to a magical bloodhound, able to find things no one else can. And things were going pretty damn good…until my newest job puts me at odds with my old pack and ex-lover.

Now, there’s a bounty on my head and a hundred supernaturals willing to kill me just to get their hands on it. If I want to survive, I’ll have to make a blood pact with the most dangerous man in Louisiana. The mysteriously seductive leader of The Syndicate, Dagon Thorn.

With searing golden eyes, and a dark magic I can’t explain, he just might be more dangerous than the enemies on my tail. But I have something he wants, and he has something I need.

And if my enemies don’t kill me first, this magnetic attraction just might…

Toying with Monsters is the first book in the Shadows & Shifters Trilogy. This is a spicy supernatural romance featuring a delicious, enemies to lovers, rejected mate adult romance.

$3.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Paranormal Romance