Touch: An Erotic Novelette

by Minx Noir

When an attorney at a rival firm alerts Paul that his wife has been searching for a divorce lawyer behind his back, his whole world shatters. But, truth be told, the signs were there; he’d just ignored them. With both of their daughters now in college out of state, Laken is restless and lonely. And Paul–who’d once been a doting husband–is truly married to his career.

But when faced with losing the love of his life, Paul concocts a plan. Combining Laken’s love of food and romance, he sets out to make her fall for him all over again, reigniting a spark that sets their hearts–and bed sheets–afire.

The Five Senses is a series of five short erotic romances. Each novelette will showcase a sexy encounter between two consenting–married–adults. Within these pages you will find food play, voyeurism, and probably a little kink.

Not intended for readers under eighteen years of age.

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Category: Erotic Romance