To Love Again

by Lila Scott

At forty-two, divorced mother of two, Nicole Adams, yearns to discover her true self again. Her children recognize the defeat and sadness in her eyes and she knows that her kids deserve to see their mother happy.

When Nicole follows the suggestion of a friend to go on a spa getaway, she does so believing that it might lead to the self-discovery she is seeking. What she ends up finding at the Cielo Spa & Resort is much more than what she bargains for. What she ends up finding at the Cielo Spa & Resort is Gavin Bell.

Both deceived about the Cielo Spa & Resort by well-meaning friends, Nicole and Gavin find themselves amongst individuals looking for love—a fact that neither of them is pleased about. They’ll make the best of a night—or two, if a shared meal convinces them that an initial spark just might be turning into something more.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

To Trust Again

by Lila Scott

Ella Brooks has known more than her share of dates since her divorce. She hasn’t been looking for more than fun nights out with handsome younger men, but suddenly she’s rather exhausted by it all. She’s ready to give dating a complete rest for awhile—or at least for the duration of her beach vacation anyway—in the hopes of finding something that’s been missing from her life.

Meeting Dane in Bermuda, though, will cause Ella to question everything she thinks she believes about dating and romance. Meeting Dane just might cause her to believe in true love again.

Both Ella and Dane have known heartache and loss when it comes to love—both have a lot to learn about trust. Can one magical week away convince them to give love another chance?

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