To Kiss A Cowboy

by Maggie Carpenter

Just when all seems lost smoldering passion ignites, and a surpassing supernatural force steps in to save the day.

Connie Masters yearns to kiss Caleb King, the muscled down-home cowboy she’s just hired. The thought of his thick, moist mouth pressed against hers consumes every waking moment, but she’s spoken for.

Drawn to the sparkling blue-eyed beauty, Caleb aches to lock his fingers in her long dark hair and crush her lips into next week, but he must walk away. A glittering diamond sits on her finger, given to her by a Lamborghini-driving city-slicker.

When Connie discovers her fiancĂ© has been having an affair she sends him packing, but quickly learns he’s done something despicable. With life as she knows it slipping from her grasp she can’t see any way to recover.

She confides in Caleb, and as he comforts her their smoldering passion flames to life. He offers a solution, but the crisis leads to an astonishing and mysterious paranormal encounter. Though Connie promises to stay out of the fray, she can’t resist, and her reckless risk-taking puts both her and Caleb in even greater danger.

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Category: Western Romance