To Find A Whitman

by E.A. Shanniak

Disappearing was never at the forefront of Audrey Whitman’s desires. However, she felt like she did not have a choice. Escaping what her aunt planned for her was necessary. Propriety, and society be damned! Audrey would, and could never go through with any of it. Happily forever after was far to the west, and far from St. Louis.

Pinkerton Eugene Turner handled numerous murder and theft cases throughout the week. This new case that slid across his paper scrambled desk was new and… alarming. Finding a missing woman, let alone a wealthy heiress, in the vast and untamed America was like finding a needle in house fire.

As Audrey discovers the life she has dreamt about, will she be able to hold onto the fairy-tale whims and thrive on her own, or will society call her back?

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Category: Historical Romance

To Love A Thief

by E.A. Shanniak

The thief he loathes – the woman he can’t resist.

Kayla Langmoore saw her life at the end of a hangman’s rope. Until fate, or providence, stepped in, taking the form of a Coleman. The same Coleman she was there to rob. Instead of swinging from a tree, the owner of the ranch allows her to work for him with one promise: stay away from Ben.

Ben can’t see past the title: thief. And he does his best to remind the pretty rustler of her place. But there’s something about Kayla he can’t seem to resist. Will his pride, his family and her past, get in the way of their happily ever after?

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