To Con A Cowboy

by Maggie Carpenter

If she confesses she’ll lose him, if she doesn’t, he stands to lose everything.

Heart thumping and pulse racing, wannabe author Amber Scott cannot believe she’s sitting in front of cowboy superstar Brett Preston. His invitation to visit his ranch has sent her head reeling.

A mutual friend from her high school days arranged the dream job interview. The famous country music singer is writing his memoirs and needs an assistant. If he hires her, she would live at his sprawling canyon compound.

Though a history of life-changing challenges has left Brett Preston with a deep appreciation for the old ways of the Native Americans, he leaves nothing to chance. Hiring the beautiful, blue-eyed blonde is no accident, but contrary to his need to control his destiny, bringing her into is life is a roll of the dice–the scariest he’s ever taken.

Drowning in debt, Amber sees a way to exploit the opportunity. When she finds herself deeply drawn to the hunky cowboy she tells her cohorts she won’t go through with the wicked scheme, but they box her into an impossible corner.

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Category: Western Romance