To Brave A Colorado River

by E.A. Shanniak

A runaway – A thief – A lonely delinquent – A soiled dove – A self-centered woman – A bitter widow

Six incredible women shoved into difficulty, must risk it all for the men they love and thrive in a wild country. From Philadelphia to St Louis, New York to Denver, their adventures are laden with threats of death and uncertainty. Take your chances on a lawless, unruly journey with these courageous women.

Escape with Audrey and the horrid ties binding her to a pretentious society.

Follow up with Kayla, a bandit on the threshold of a hangman’s noose.

Take a stormy ride with a lonesome Mary facing death from a former lover and a rampant Colorado river.

Find your inner strength to overcome a haunting past with Lena for a shot at happily ever after.

Risk it all with Natali, a young woman who’s selfish loathing might cost her a love of a life time.

End your Colorado expedition with Jane, a bitter widow forcing herself into her work, believing love will never find her again.

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Category: Western Romance