Tied Up In Love

by C.A. Krause

Enter the world of Club B and see if you don’t get tied up in it.

Sebastian can’t help being curious about the bondage club that opened down the road from his farm. Could submitting to a woman truly be as satisfying as he imagines? He may be a newbie, but when he meets Mistress Vivienne, he knows he’d like nothing better than going on his knees for her.

Vivienne isn’t looking for anything long term, and when her best friend asks her to introduce a new member to Club B, she doesn’t expect things to spill out of the club and into her busy life.

Vivienne might hold the ropes that tie his body, but if Sebastian wants to keep her in his life, he’ll have to capture her heart before she walks away. If only dommes weren’t quite so stubborn…

Tied Up In Love is an Erotic Romance that can be read as a stand-alone, or as the first book in the Club B series.

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Category: BDSM