Thunder on the Moor

by Andrea Matthews

When Maggie Armstrong’s father whisks her back to his sixteenth century Scottish home, she’s shocked to find his tales of border reivers are actually his own memories, but disbelief soon transforms into enchantment when she meets Ian Rutherford, the charming son of a neighboring laird. Her uncle’s decision to betroth her to Ian, however, outrages Maggie’s twentieth century sensibilities. Yet, a refusal on her part could spark a deadly blood feud between their families. Betrayal, treachery, and a tragic murder soon have her questioning whether she should remain at all or try to make her way back to her own time. To make matters worse, tensions escalate, when she finds herself attracted to Bonnie Will Foster, a dreaded Englishman who has a score to settle with Ian. But could Will be the hero she’s always dreamed of? Or will his need for revenge against Ian shatter more than her heart?

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Time Travel Romance