The Wren and the Swordfish PIlot

by Stella Hutchinson

Three women set sail for adventure in a man’s world – the Royal Navy, 1942. A courageous tale of three Navy girls and the men they fall in love with. When Cathy’s twin brother goes to sea, she leaps at the chance to join the Wrens which has grown into a strong force of over sixty thousand women. But she longs to be at sea and prove herself – to fight alongside her brother. Linda is a dispatch rider taking secret messages from one top location to another. And working her way up through the ranks is Wren Officer Anne Foxton, who takes command of a ‘stone frigate’. Against all odds the women are drawn to help each other. Then into their well-ordered world comes a young Swordfish pilot who has earned himself quite a reputation. Which one of Anne’s girls will catch his eye – and what lengths will he go to, to win her?

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Category: Historical Romance