The World Between Us

by Ruth Madison

An overshadowed brother in a wheelchair and a beautiful woman who needs something from him. Is there any chance for love?

Next to his super successful (and handsome, don’t forget handsome) rock star brother, Dylan Sinclair doesn’t expect any woman to look at him for a second longer than it takes to stare in horror at his wheelchair. Especially not a goddess like Stephanie Rowe.

But she does notice him and he can’t help but wonder if it’s because of the access he could give her to his brother.

Stephanie is a woman on a mission. She has a lot to prove to break out of a soul-crushing job and show her family she can be successful on her own terms. Even as she realizes there’s more to Dylan than meets the eye, she can’t get distracted from building a life her parents can be proud of.

And falling for an unemployed white boy who can’t move his own feet is not winning her any points.

But then she discovers Dylan has been keeping a secret that would catapult her to success and everything she’s been working towards . Now all she needs to do is betray his trust.

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Category: Multicultural Romance