The Witches of Hant Hollow 3

by D.F. Jones

USA Today bestselling author D.F. Jones introduces book three in the spellbinding trilogy The Witches of Hant Hollow. Prepare for an emotional ride—a love story that will create legends.

The Doanhart Coven ancestors hail from the seven sisters of Pleiades. Centuries ago, they fled King Valdoor’s tyranny, sought refuge with the first witches, and created a realm tethered to earth, called the Waytherlands.

The battle for control of the Pleiades raged on until Queen Octavia allied with the Black Flame Fae, and they drove Valdoor into exile. In return, he vowed to destroy the queen, the Doanhart Coven, and any magical being who fights for the Mage Alliance.

Aster Doanhart is a gifted warrior and teacher. Her magical talents include the ability to absorb other beings’ supernatural powers. She accidentally bumps into Judson McKay in the charmed city of Wooddale, triggering an immediate mate reaction. She sets the plans for an epic battle in Frostville, Valdoor’s new realm.

One day a simple knock on the door changed Judson McKay’s life. Until that fateful day, he’d lived his life as a mortal. But Judson McKay is no mortal. He is Aster’s champion and must risk his life to save her. Judson may be the only one to unite the realms, the only one to save the Doanhart’s bloodline.

The Witches of Hant Hollow 3 embarks on a fast-paced fantasy adventure to restore the magical balance between Dark and Light while navigating love, betrayal, acceptance, and forgiveness in this otherworldly tale.

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