The Wild Card

by Cassie-Ann L. Miller

It was supposed to be harmless. One fake date with an off-limits football player I’d never date for real.
Plot twist—Harry Westbrook is the exact opposite of harmless.

My first mistake? Underestimating that boyish smile, those playful eyes, the charming words on those perfect lips. He claims to have a crush on me.
But, as hot as he is, I’d bet he’s scheduling booty calls like a dentist booking teeth cleanings.

I’m Nadia Chester — in-house lawyer for the Paragons football team. Queen of logic and compartmentalizing.
Resisting him should be easy.

But then my slimy ex rolls into town, determined to hijack my favorite charity event and turn my life upside down.
Suddenly, six feet two inches of wide receiver muscles might come in handy after all.

I need a fake boyfriend. ASAP.

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Category: Contemporary Romance