The Wayside

by A.A. Gordon

Oblivious to her Dowrra heritage, curvy red-headed stunner, Gwendolyn Rhys never imagined there was a reason for her lack of passion and poor choices in boyfriends.

Then, 500-year-old Miguel Santos, vampire Prince of Wayside Coven, walks into the downtown Toronto diner where she’s serving and changes everything.

Gwen is blindsided by desire. Her heart beats so hard she can feel it pulsing in her fingertips. She’s unnaturally captivated by the tall stranger’s full mouth, rugged jaw, and sculpted body. Her hunger is confusing, disturbing, magnetic – intoxicating. She’s never known such fierce yearning.

Miguel is equally mesmerized by this bold human who doesn’t seem to fear him. The heat of her desire flushing under her soft skin is pure temptation, but it is her innocence and feisty intelligence that fascinates him. Such a powerful impulse can only be a Dowrra bond forming.

Miguel charms Gwen with the city’s glittering nightlife, black tie events, and luxury cars, but his obligation is to maintain the shaky truce between humans and the paranormal. As tensions rise, he’ll need to protect his Dowrra mate, but will Gwen accept Miguel’s dark secret before it’s too late? Can the proud, self-assured vampire prince humble himself for love? Will they survive the war that threatens to unravel their destiny?

Discover love worth waiting centuries for in The Dowrra Series.

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Category: Paranormal Romance