The Water Princess

by Gina Manis

For the last five years, I have been held captive by my sister, the Queen of Watergate. She cursed and bound my waters powers and turning me into a hideous hag. Locked behind the walls of a convent, the holy lands kept me safe, but they also kept me from living.
That is until I give myself in a sacrifice to the Elemental Powers. They send me three strong men in which I have to form a bond with.
They have freed me, but I am not safe until I am out of this realm. Ogres who want my blood because they are drawn to it by the curse are after us. My promise to the Elementals has to be fulfilled, or else I will never get my water element powers back. The Bond with each of them has to be completed.
Or else the Fire Elements will win. Their element has become too powerful, and they are claiming the earth in which we live.
But first, I have to find my balance with these three men.

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Category: Paranormal Romance